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Contact us and let us know what you would like and drop your contact  information and then we will conduct a comprehensive search on your behalf to ensure that your requests are fulfulled. You will then be given a quote, negotiate and upon agreement, a contract will  be effected to ensure that your satisfaction is achieved.



We have access to multiple brands of product from a vast variety of market sectors. We specialize in luxury high end and high street brand from the automotive, information technology, personal effects, cosmetics and mobile technology. Our reach is constantly increasing.



​Do you have a business need or a personal desire? Are you tired of being confronted by vendors with imitations or misrepresentations? We take the stress off of you, to locate the product, ship from any where in the world and deliver straight to your door step


Our goal is to provide effective solutions designed to serve your business or personal desires, be it personalized luxurious goods, electronics, cosmetics or high performance cars.

Our team of experienced purchasers focuses on solutions tailored specifically to your needs in order to ensure you achieve your goals.

As long as it is made and available, we can find, buy and deliver it.


“It is always a pleasure doing business with the officials of this company, they sourced my car from the United States, shipped and delivered it to my door step. it was all within my budget and time frame. I will continue to do business with them and refer contacts to them.”

Tayo, B. Abuja, Nigeria.