We deliver peace of mind.


We work with brokers, agents and partners from all over the world to find and deliver products, services, technologies and solutions that are adaptable, effective and cost efficient. We bring exceptional expertise that proffer solutions to our clients ' across the board needs.

Our team works tirelessly to ensure dreams and desires comes to pass.

It doesnt matter if it is state of the art electronics, luxury goods, cosmetics, auto parts, accessories, automobile etc.



Empire Investments International has proven track records of buying, shipping and delivering unique products from luxury cars to electronics and other types of cargoes to locations in west africa. We have some of the best purchasing, shipping, customs and logistics experts in our network that offers unique access to specialist expertise, information and tools.

Our bold solutions are based on indept industry knowledge and key marketing strategies.

it is precisely designed to save or make our clients money.




We have formed strategic relationships and partnership with suppliers, manufacturers, shippers, custom agents and logistic companies to help our clients source, package and deliver automobiles, goods and cargoes.

We approach our clients' request by obtaining the best bargain after a thorough market reseach, efficiently ship and safely, consistently with a cost effective delivery means; right to your doorstep. all while providing up to date information throughout the entire process.

This is a tested method that has proven to provide customer contemptment and client satisfaction.


“We called to request a quotation for purchasing the latest  Iphone 6 gizmos and they provided the purchasing and delivery cost, we agreed on a payment plan and they purchsed them, shipped and delivered before making a payment.”

All the products were verified to be authentic and the actual specifications that was requested.

Gudavon International Limited, Abuja, Nigeria.